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Free Download TTC: Outsmart Yourself Brain-Based Strategies To A Better You

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TTC: Outsmart Yourself Brain-Based Strategies To A Better You

TTC - Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You [24 M4V+24 MP3+1 PDF]|2.95 GB

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What if you aren't as in control of your actions as you think you are? What if your
subconscious is driving your decisions without your approval? Is there a way to "hack" your
brain to perform better, live healthier, and break your bad habits? We all can think of things
about ourselves we'd like to change, but as neuroscientists are coming to realize, changing our
behaviors isn't as straightforward as you might think. Many of our everyday decisions are
rooted in the subconscious, which means we have to "outsmart" our own brains to see
Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You will give you insights into how your
mind works and the tools you need to make lasting change. Taught by Professor Peter M. Vishton,
Associate Professor of Psychology at William & Mary, these 24 exciting lectures give you a
wealth of practical strategies for enhancing your thinking and improving your well-being.
You'll see how the subconscious guides much of our behavior, leading to a kind of autopilot
through much of life, including when it comes to making important decisions.
The brain is an amazing instrument, and neuroscientists today have more information than ever
about how it works-as well as strategies for helping us live better every day. The surprising
thing is just how counterintuitive some of these strategies can be. For instance, the best way to
combat procrastination is often todo nothing for 20 minutes. By forcing yourself to do
nothing, you won't get caught up in time-sucking avoidance behaviors like checking email. After
20 minutes, you'll find yourself focused and ready to get to work.
Neuroscientists have stumbled onto countless insights for living better, many of which go against
the grain of what you might think you know. Examine why exercise is less helpful for weight-loss
than we had previously believed (but is valuable in other ways), why talent is an overrated
predictor of success, how the effects of mindfulness meditation have benefited us since our
hunter-gatherer days, what procrastination can do for your creativity, and more.
Whether we're distracted by too many tasks, being influenced by crafty marketers, or simply
living in a rut of bad habits, our conscious brains aren't always guiding us toward the best
actions. Fortunately, Professor Vishton offers the latest in scientific research to outsmart the
automatic workings of your brain. Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You
empowers you take charge of your life and harness your brain's full potential.
Uncover Evidence-Based 'Hacks' For Your Brain
One common misconception is that we only use 10 percent of our brains. In fact, Professor Vishton
explains, it's clear that we use much more than that, but we may only understand 10 percent of
our brains. The good news is that recent years have seen an explosion of knowledge about the
brain, and with that knowledge comes new opportunities to perform better. One key theme running
through Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You is that a few simple practices
really can offer dramatic results in our performance, creativity, physical health, and mental
From the myth of multitasking to the mechanisms behind falling-and staying-in love, Professor
Vishton shows you what is happening inside your brain, which will help you achieve your goals
like never before.
Improve Your Physical, Mental, and Emotional Health: Curb your unhealthy snacking, unlearn
your phobias, improve mindfulness, and combat depression. These things are easier said than done,
but brain-based strategies for living healthfully offer immeasurable dividends.
Master the Mental Game: Researchers have discovered that simply imagining yourself
performing an exercise can make as big an impact on your strength as physical practice. From how
language shapes your brain to the practice of "monotasking," encounter ways to improve your
Hone the Subtle Art of Persuasion: Learn the tricks of the salesperson's trade, from
after-dinner mints at a restaurant to the pricing strategy at your local watering hole.
Researching the art of persuasion will empower you in your negotiations and make you a savvier
Uncover the Key to Happiness: If money doesn't buy happiness, where do you turn for a
fulfilling life? Based on longevity studies, see why valuing your time and deepening your
friendships might be the most important thing you can do for yourself.
Build a Toolkit of Strategies for Better Living
When you complete this course, you will have an abundant list of practical, everyday ways to
strengthen your creativity, improve your problem-solving, enhance your health, and generally
operate on a higher level:
Examine why keeping a notebook might be the easiest way to shake bad habits such as biting
your fingernails.
Delve into the psychology of anger and emotional mirroring, which will help you better
diffuse interpersonal tensions.
Perform a bit of time travel to outsmart your "present self" to make life better for
your "future self."
Consider eating fermented foods next time you feel the blues and need an emotional
If you want to boost your creativity, try taking a walk-preferably in a nice outdoor
green space.
These are just a few of the many tips and strategies Professor Vishton offers to help you
overcome your brain's hardwiring.
In each lecture, he backs up each of his strategies with evidence from psychological studies and
the recent discoveries in the field of neuroscience. You'll explore some of the classic
experiments in psychology, from John Watson's behaviorism to Stanley Milgram's obedience
studies. Thanks to research with EEGs, fMRIs, and other technologies, you'll go inside the
brain to find out how our neurochemistry drives our behaviors-and what we can do about it.
Participate in Each Lecture
One thing that makes this course so unique is that not only do you walk away with practical tips,
you also get the chance to put these tips into practice during the lectures. How do you use a
five-gallon and a three-gallon jug to measure out exactly four gallons? How do you connect two
ropes hanging from the ceiling if they're more than an arm's width apart? Professor Vishton
gives you ample opportunities to test your creativity and problem-solving skills with engaging
puzzles, brainteasers, word games, and more. These mental calisthenics are sure to get your
neurons fired up.
Whether you are looking for a mental stimulus or want increased clarity for the challenges of
everyday life, Outsmart Yourself: Brain-Based Strategies to a Better You offers a satisfying
blend of theoretical knowledge and practical know-how to help you jumpstart a more productive and
fulfilling life.
LECTURE 1 Take Control of Your Automatic Brain
LECTURE 2 Beat Procrastination by Doing Nothing
LECTURE 3 Train Yourself like a Dog
LECTURE 4 Clean Your Kitchen, Improve Your Diet
LECTURE 5 Eat Slow, Eat Small, Eat Smart
LECTURE 6 The Myth of Multitasking
LECTURE 7 Future You and Better Decisions
LECTURE 8 How to Become an Expert on Anything
LECTURE 9 Tune Up Your Brain with Meditation
LECTURE 10 Take the Sleep Challenge
LECTURE 11 Boost Insights and Creativity
LECTURE 12 Enhance Performance with Imagery
LECTURE 13 Overcome Your Aging Brain
LECTURE 14 Grow Your Brain Out of Depression
LECTURE 15 Hack Your Brain to Unlearn Fear
LECTURE 16 Use Your Body to Alter Your Mind
LECTURE 17 Suppress-Don't Repress-Anger
LECTURE 18 How Little Things Cause Big Persuasion
LECTURE 19 How Framing Changes Decisions
LECTURE 20 How Language Changes Your Brain
LECTURE 21 How Your Brain Falls in Love
LECTURE 22 The Neuroscience of Lasting Love
LECTURE 23 How Your Brain Creates Happiness
LECTURE 24 Happy Brains Are Smart Brains
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