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Free Download PS – Microsoft Operating System Fundamentals

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PS – Microsoft Operating System Fundamentals

PS – Microsoft Operating System Fundamentals | 1.6 GB

Windows 10 is nearly ubiquitous in consumer/business environments. Gain the Windows 10 management skills you need now to support your users and attain the Microsoft Certified Associate (MTA) Windows Operating Systems Fundamentals certification.

1.Course Overview2m 9s
2.Overview1m 47s
3.What This Course Is All About4m 16s
4.The Start Menu3m 38s
5.The Taskbar2m 0s
6.Demo- Windows 10 Start Menu6m 23s
7.Demo- Windows 10 Taskbar5m 47s
8.File Explorer2m 32s
9.User Profiles2m 16s
10.Demo- File Explorer6m 2s
11.Demo- Libraries3m 23s
12.Demo- User Profiles2m 19s
13.For Further Learning59s
14.Summary2m 3s
16.Understand the Registry and Group Policy4m 37s
17.Demo- Settings App and Control Panel6m 0s
18.Demo- Registry and Group Policy6m 52s
19.Accessibility Options2m 6s
20.Demo- Accessibility, Power, and Display Options4m 56s
21.Windows Mobility Center3m 27s
22.Demo- Access Windows Mobility Center2m 42s
23.For Further Learning50s
24.Summary1m 14s
25.Overview2m 15s
26.Microsoft Edge6m 2s
27.Microsoft Cortana3m 16s
28.Demo- Configuring Cortana9m 14s
29.Demo- Task Manager12m 41s
30.Client Hyper-V4m 39s
31.Demo- Using Client Hyper-V9m 13s
32.For Further Learning1m 3s
33.Microsoft Operating System Fundamentals M3 091m 36s
34.Overview2m 46s
35.Demo- Tour The MMC Framework7m 51s
36.Demo- Use RSAT and MSCONFIG3m 58s
37.Remote Desktop3m 52s
38.Demo- Use RDP6m 6s
39.PowerShell4m 45s
40.Demo- Use PowerShell6m 51s
41.For Further Learning42s
42.Summary1m 41s
44.Windows 10 Editions5m 13s
45.Demo- Preinstallation Tasks3m 56s
46.Windows 10 Clean Installation Process3m 10s
47.Demo- Install Windows 107m 41s
48.Windows 10 Versions, Builds, and Update Branches4m 7s
49.Demo- Post-installation Tasks3m 40s
50.For Further Learning33s
52.Overview1m 55s
53.Windows Edition Comparisons4m 52s
54.Demo- In-Place Upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 1010m 30s
55.Windows 10 Upgrade Paths3m 48s
56.In-Place Upgrade Considerations2m 36s
57.The Migration Scenario6m 13s
58.For Further Learning30s
59.Summary2m 0s
60.Overview1m 6s
61.Windows Features3m 53s
62.Demo- Managing Windows Optional Features5m 46s
63.Windows Desktop Applications3m 45s
64.Universal Windows Platform Applications4m 55s
65.Controlling App Startup2m 43s
66.Demo- Investigating UWP Apps6m 55s
67.For Further Learning40s
68.Summary1m 24s
69.Overview2m 14s
70.Windows 10 Account Types5m 48s
71.Demo- Managing Consumer User Accounts3m 55s
72.Demo- Managing Business User Accounts7m 3s
73.User Account Control (UAC)2m 9s
74.Demo- Testing UAC in Windows 106m 14s
75.Windows Defender SmartScreen2m 45s
76.For Further Learning36s
77.Summary1m 59s
78.Overview2m 35s
79.Service Accounts2m 37s
80.Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT)3m 13s
81.Demo- Services and Service Accounts in Windows 104m 16s
82.Demo- Investigate the MSRT2m 0s
83.Demo- Configure Windows Defender Firewall3m 18s
84.Windows Defender4m 54s
85.Demo- Tour Windows Defender Security Center4m 48s
86.Demo- Test Windows Defender SmartScreen2m 27s
87.For Further Learning48s
88.Summary1m 28s
89.Overview1m 57s
90.Disks, Volumes, and File Systems7m 9s
91.Demo- Initialize a New Disk in Windows 104m 51s
92.BitLocker Drive Encryption4m 24s
93.Encrypting File System (EFS)2m 20s
94.Demo- Encrypting a Disk with BitLocker3m 54s
95.Demo- Implementing EFS4m 42s
96.Demo- Using Offline Files5m 55s
97.For Further Learning35s
98.Summary1m 17s
100.Windows 10 Libraries1m 34s
101.Demo- Using Libraries6m 14s
102.HomeGroup3m 44s
103.SMB File Sharing3m 21s
104.Demo- Set Up File Sharing5m 58s
105.Demo- Test File Sharing5m 12s
106.For Further Learning44s
109.Printer Interfaces3m 28s
110.Print Drivers1m 58s
111.Demo- Configure a Local Printer6m 47s
112.The V4 Driver Model2m 35s
113.Network Printing Process3m 53s
114.Demo- Manage Network Printing6m 40s
115.Special-purpose Printing3m 58s
116.For Further Learning2m 22s
117.Summary1m 44s
119.Storage Types and Interfaces4m 42s
120.Physical vs. Virtual Disks4m 8s
121.Windows 10 Maintenance Tools3m 39s
122.Demo- Windows 10 Drive Optimization4m 34s
123.OneDrive vs. OneDrive for Business4m 7s
124.Demo- Investigate OneDrive in Windows 105m 40s
125.For Further Learning33s
126.Summary2m 10s
128.Taking Inventory of a Windows 10 System3m 2s
129.Demo- System Information Utility6m 3s
130.Demo- Third-party Inventory Tools2m 40s
131.System Center Configuration Manager56s
132.Windows 10 Driver Store1m 28s
133.Demo- Device Manager4m 17s
134.For Further Learning46s
135.Summary1m 17s
137.Windows Update Types2m 27s
138.Windows Update for Business3m 32s
139.Demo- Configure Windows Update7m 17s
140.Demo- Reliability Monitor5m 25s
141.Resource Monitor and Performance Monitor2m 10s
142.Demo- Windows 10 Performance Monitoring10m 13s
143.For Further Learning40s
144.Summary1m 30s
146.Federated Identity and SSO4m 33s
147.Microsoft Accounts and Local Accounts3m 52s
148.Demo- Examine Local and Microsoft Accounts5m 45s
149.Work, School, or Organizational Accounts3m 15s
150.Demo- Examine Federated Accounts6m 3s
151.For Further Learning1m 21s
152.Summary1m 17s
154.Physical Connections3m 5s
155.Network Location Awareness3m 23s
156.Demo- Configure TCP/IP Graphically3m 8s
157.Demo- Configure TCP/IP Programmatically6m 48s
158.TCP/IP Internetworking Crash Course7m 9s
159.Demo- Active Directory Networking2m 17s
160.Demo- Configure TCP/IP with PowerShell4m 52s
161.For Further Learning47s
162.Summary1m 35s
164.System Restore3m 33s
165.Demo- Implement System Restore5m 50s
166.File History3m 13s
167.OneDrive File Recovery2m 30s
168.Demo- Implement File History4m 49s
169.Demo- Work with OneDrive Recovery2m 39s
170.Windows Reset and Backup2m 14s
171.Demo- Windows 10 Backup and Restore4m 18s
172.Windows 10 Recovery Drive3m 2s
173.Demo- Create a Recovery Drive2m 34s
174.For Further Learning26s
175.Summary1m 38s
177.Built-in Troubleshooting Tools5m 33s
178.Demo- Troubleshooters and Error Reports4m 4s
179.Demo- Feedback Hub and Event Viewer4m 42s
180.Diagnostic Startup Options6m 49s
181.Demo- Windows Recovery Environment5m 27s
182.For Further Learning1m 5s
183.Summary1m 23s
185.About the MTA Certification3m 31s
186.About the 98-349 Exam9m 1s
187.Demo- Tour the Microsoft Learning Website5m 3s
188.Where to Go Next3m 2s
189.Demo- Maximize Your Pluralsight Learning3m 34s
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